Time Breakdown
Our Cost Breakdown
Thanks for taking a look at our pricing and time charts. We hope this help explain the expenses we undergo to bring you a magic show.

Also, keep in mind that even though we are "On Stage" for a certain period of time, the total time we are involved is a larger window. For example:
  1. Close up or 1 performer show
    • 20 to 30 Minutes On Stage
    • Total Time Spent: 2 - 4 hrs
  2. Parlor Show 2 performers
    • 45 to 60 Minutes On Stage
    • Total Time Spent: 3 - 5 hrs
  3. Grand Illusion Show
    • 90 Minutes On Stage
    • Total Time Spent: 18 hrs

We would like to take a moment to expand what we mean by Expendables for Show they include (example):
  1. Expendables
    • Batteries For Microphones, etc
    • Balloons
      • For Balloon Act
      • For Balloon Animals
    • Any Fruit Used in Act
    • Any Liquids, such as Juices, Milk, etc
  2. Props Used During Show
    • Playing Cards
    • Rope
  3. Equipment Used For Show
    • Backdrop
    • Sound System